The website for Rupp-Zimmerman Law is currently being re-designed and updated to provide better service to our clients and community.  Within the next few weeks, expect this site to contain, in addition to information about the law firm and its practice, resources for clients, attorneys and the community to help with understanding family law in general (divorce and child custody) along with the specific areas of practice that are a focus for the firm: non-parent custody (such as grandparents, guardians and psychological parents), interstate and international jurisdiction, same-sex relationships, complex financial matters, and cases involving service-members.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact us by this website, or use the following information:

Rupp-Zimmerman Law, P.C.

19 Old Town Sq., Suite. 238

Fort Collins, CO 80524

Phone: (970) 472-0082

Directions to office:  Understand that at this time Old Town Square itself is going through a massive remodel and so construction conditions may change the best way to find the office.  The main entrance is a doorway (with the words "19 Old Town Square" above the door) opening onto the square itself.  The door is located between the Thamel Gifts and a Colorado retail store (called Every Nook & Cranny) on the northernmost building facing the square.  If you are facing Walnut St. while in the square, the building is on your left.  You will have to go up the staircase after opening the door and check in with reception. If you need to take an elevator, an elevator is located just around the corner on Walnut St., and follow the signs to reception.